'Gin Austen' Luxury Cabin Luggage

'Gin Austen' Luxury Cabin Luggage


Originally produced for Fortnum & Mason by the Bath Gin Company, the ‘Gin Austen' travelling case provides Gin lovers with a portable Party of fun. Filled to the brim with Bath Gin, 'Gin Austen' picnic blanket, select tonic, coupette glasses and a jar ready to be filled with Kaffir Lime leaves to garnish your G&T. Relish at the Races, Polo and Picnics.  Also available  from Fortnum and Mason HERE .

Designed in the UK by Shape Studio. Hand made by Cut Laser Cut on the Isle of Wight.

Etched 6mm Birch plywood BG carry case contains: 1x70cl BG bottle. 5x 5cl BG miniatures, 4x 1724 tonic, 2x coupette glasses, jar for Kaffir lime leaves and serving tongs.

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