The Bath Distillery is the home of Bath Gin

A Gin Palace

Down a cobbled street in the heart of Bath you will find a veritable Gin Palace at the home of The Bath Distillery.

Within this remarkable Georgian building you will discover, over the five floors, a singular and portentous Gin experience.

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The Bath Distillery

In the cellars, The Bath Distillery has been established for the various processes of small batch, premium Gin production from infusion to distillation to be carried out, including demonstrations and participatory classes. Botanicals, copper stills, vats, bottling, capping and labelling machines fill the rooms with activity. Numerous concoctions are conceived and developed including varied infusions of Bath Gin with Cucumber & Jasmine and also Damson. Our latest offering, Hopped Rhubarb Gin has recently been released from Bath’s first Distillery for 250 years.  


The Canary Gin Bar

At street level is the showcase Canary Gin Bar. Here you will meet the talented mixologists who have created The Cocktails of ‘Gin’ Austen, which are a fabulous way to explore the elegance and subtlety of of our own gin. On the other hand you may be more partial to sharing Bath Gin from teapots with your family & friends! 

In addition to our Bath Gin range, we also serve up 230 or so other gins on the bar’s shelves, each paired with their own unique mixer and garnish to compliment them perfectly. You will also find the Bath Gin Shop here and apart from getting yourself some Bath Distillery goodies you can also bring an empty bottle to be filled from the Bath Distillery range.

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Up the winding cantilevered staircase is the Distiller’s Bar where you can enjoy a selection of libations that contain liquids dreamt up by our distillery team, mixed together and lovingly crafted by the barkeep.


Our origins

A further last step up the winding staircase and we arrive at the creative hub of The Bath Distillery. This is where Bath Gin was born from a large table full of infusions of eleven botanicals including Kaffir Lime leaf, Orange Peel and Liquorice.

Rigorous tasting and testing led to the formulation of the unique and pleasurable Bath Gin produced at 40% ABV.

The fifth floor is a secret.


Bath Gin

Bath Gin is modern, exotically smooth and refreshing. It is made using 100% British grain spirit and pot-distilled using eleven of the finest botanicals from across the world, including bitter orange, kaffir lime leaf and English coriander. Floral, exotic citrus and deep spice notes are followed by a mild sweetness, creating a light, aromatic and balanced Gin!

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Distillery to door

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We appear at and host outside events including our own World Gin Day Street Party!