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About our experiences:

option 1: Botanical Laboratory Experience - WED/fri £20 Sat £25

option 2: Gin making Experience - wed/fri £90 Sat £110

 botanical laboratory experience:


this starts with a welcome drink of a large Bath Gin & Tonic on arrival with a short chat about the different botanicals we use and also the history of gin in regards to distillation. This is then followed by a walkthrough of the botanical laboratory and an explanation of stills and the distillation process with the opportunity to smell and feel a wide variety of botanicals. 30 minutes after arrival the experience ends with an exit through the gift shop and the opportunity to see all our Bath distillery products. Each visitor will receive a 50ml miniature of Bath Gin as a souvenir of the experience.

 Gin Making experience:


starting with a large bath gin & tonic and a brief discussion on gin’s rich history, a look through the botanicals laboratory and then upstairs to the Distiller's Bar where the making will take place. Guests are offered a second drink from a choice of any of the Bath distillery products (Classic, Cucumber & Jasmine, Rhubarb, Sloe). The workshop commences with a short explanation on how to make your own gin. This entails experimenting with different flavour distillates that have been produced by our distillery, in order to create a bespoke gin to cater to an individual’s palate. This is all done under the supervision of a member of the Bath Distillery team giving explanation into flavour profiles, pairings and helping in the creation of some truly individual gins.

Each visitor will then have the opportunity to experiment with the flavour distillates on a small scale to establish their personal tastes. Once everyone is happy with the flavours they have combined, they blend them into their very own bottle of gin that is sealed on site and taken away as a souvenir. Additionally, the Gin Making experience also includes a 200ml Hip Flask of Bath Gin and a £10 voucher to be used in the gift shop or behind the bar for a chance to sample any of the 230 gins the bar offers.

 further information:


Botanical Laboratory experience (lasting approx 30 minutes) - Due to the relatively smaller size of our botanicals laboratory a maximum of 10 people only can be accommodated for a session and is booked and paid for in advance.

Gin making experience (lasting approx 2 hours) -  maximum of 6 people per class can be accommodated.

The botanical laboratory & gin making experiences operate on Wednesday's, Friday's & Saturday's. Depending on party size groups may be mixed with other parties. 



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