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bath gin

distillery classic

Bath Gin is modern, exotically smooth and refreshing. It is made using 100% British grain spirit and pot-distilled using eleven of the finest botanicals from across the world, including bitter orange, kaffir lime leaf and English coriander. Floral, exotic citrus and deep spice notes are followed by a mild sweetness, creating a light, aromatic and balanced Gin!


bath gin

Hopped Rhubarb

Bath Hopped Rhubarb Gin starts off life as our Bath Distillery Classic Gin, this is then infused with fresh rhubarb & whole hop flowers to give a bright & tangy gin with a subtle sweeter meadowy  finish.


bath gin

Orange Sloe 

Bath Orange Sloe Gin is another infusion of Bath Distillery Classic Gin, orange and sloes are combined with fine baking spices to give a full and richly flavoured gin.